The exact ration of concentrate feed at the right time for optimal production while saving on feed and labor costs.

Vigreen Electronic Concentrate Feeding

Optimal cow condition for better production results and lower feed and labor costs

With the industry continuously evolving, your dairy faces the challenge of constantly making milk production more efficient, effective and sustainable. Improving labor efficiency and increasing your cows’ performance are ongoing challenges in the quest to improve the return on your investment.

Conquering this challenge requires optimizing milk production for each cow. The Vigreen Dairy Management System featuring Electronic Concentrate Feeding can help you achieve this. It can also help you improve the health and fertility of your animals, increasing their longevity and number of lifetime lactation cycles.

Vigreen Cow Feeding Station

The exact ration at the right time

Vigreen offers dairies Electronic Concentrate Feeding with the Vigreen Cow Feeding Station using individual electronic animal identification (RFID). This cattle feeding equipment gives every cow the right feed at the right time in the right portion size, following a tailor-made feed curve you can easily set up. The Vigreen Cow Feeding Station allows you to feed your cows based on four factors:

  • Milk production
  • Lactation days
  • Per production group
  • Fixed, individual dairy cow feed ration

By spreading out each animal’s portions of concentrate throughout the day, you can prevent digestive problems so your animals can remain in optimal condition. This in turn lays the foundation for successful production results while also saving on feed and labor costs – an ideal win-win situation.

Cow in Nedap Electronic Concentrate Feeding station

The benefits at a glance

  • Robust and durable to withstand any barn environment and animal behaviors
  • Design ensures every animal can eat safely, comfortably and calmly
  • Concentrate portions spread optimally throughout the day
  • Allows you to focus on health and production with an appropriate feeding strategy – leading to optimal cow condition and better production results
  • Dispenses two feed types as standard; can be extended to six
  • Cuts feed and labor costs

Cows can eat calmly

Smart and durable system

The Vigreen Cow Feeding Station ensures the less assertive heifers and cows in the group cannot be disturbed or chased away while eating. The screened-off feed trough, side gates and robust, back-facing barrier prevents jumping to give your cows the best possible protection while they are eating. An optional pneumatic rear gate may be added.

Nedap Electronic Concentrate Feeding station

Expand with other Vigreen solutions

Thanks to the flexible design of the Vigreen Dairy Management System, it is easy to expand with other Vigreen applications in addition to the Vigreen Electronic Concentrate Feeding. Other solutions:

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