Healthy and productive cows
Keep cows healthy and achieve optimal well-being for a productive herd

Superior health

Stay ahead of disease and keep dairy cows healthy

We wish it wasn’t true, but mastitis and reproductive issues aren’t the only challenges you face. Health problems such as displaced abomasums, lameness and even indigestion can negatively impact your farm’s finances. In fact, displaced abomasums can cost $250 per sick cow and take up to two weeks for the cow to resume normal milk production. We want to help you keep your cows healthy so you can stay one step ahead of disease.

Know before symptoms appear

Cows eat less when dealing with health issues such as subclinical rumen acidosis, laminitis, hypocalcaemia, mastitis, retained placenta, metritis and ketosis. We understand it’s not realistic to watch and record how much each cow is eating to pinpoint these health issues.

Vigreen technology can do that for you. Get the technology to identify dairy cow metabolic disorders at early onset – even before visible symptoms appear.

Vigreen Health Monitoring

Make changes for the future

Vigreen technology will help you determine the nutritional or environmental management area that could be causing a health issue, helping you minimize and eliminate costly diseases.

Automation is what we do. Let our precision dairy systems do the health monitoring for you, so you can focus on other areas of your farm.

Keep every healthy cow healthy, and focus your resources on the cows that need your attention the most.

Herd Performance Trends


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