Improved financial results
Make informed decisions that support your goals

Time is money. So is feed.

Feed each sow exactly what she needs

Choosing an automated system to feed and manage pigs can quickly pay for itself. The ability to feed each sow to her exact nutritional needs without overfeeding puts you in control of your inputs.

With Vigreen Electronic Sow Feeding, you know exactly how much feed each sow eats every day. Our system ensures each sow only accesses the feed you want her to have and eliminates feed loss through floor slats.

Farms with Vigreen Electronic Sow feeding report up to 20% feed savings compared to individual gestation stalls. Find your solution

Information at your fingertips

The power of reliable pig data

Accurate, reliable pig data can help you solve any challenge and make the best decisions for continual improvement. Dependable data saves you time, money and stress. Vigreen’s automated swine management systems puts that data at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Our systems collect and record data in all phases of pork production, including animal weights, feed intake amounts and rate of feed intake. You can use this information to care for every animal based on its individual needs. You can also use it to compare your progress against your production goals or industry benchmarks. Find your solution

Set it and forget it

Easily maintain optimal body condition

Is it hard to control how much each sow is eating?

Controlling individual sow diets impacts your profits. Research by Dr. Mark Knauer at North Carolina State University showed a strong correlation between sow body condition at breeding and the number of piglets born alive. According to the study, maintaining good condition can result in as many as 2.5 more piglets per sow per year compared to sows in poor body condition.

A woman inspects sow body condition scores

Optimal sow condition is also correlated to:

  • Optimal litter birth weights
  • Better pig survival rates and lifetime performance
  • Smooth transitions from farrowing to breeding
  • Sow soundness and longevity

Chet Mogler of Pig Hill Farm, Alvord, Iowa, says Vigreen Electronic Sow Feeding reduces the labor needed to maintain sow body condition:

“We determine a sow’s feed plan at breeding, and from there we don’t touch it.”

Is it easy to maintain sow body condition with your current system? If not, get the tools you need. Find your solution

Work smarter, not harder

Improving labor efficiency

Barn automation doesn’t replace labor. It helps you and your employees work more efficiently, saving you time and labor costs.

In the gestation barn

  • Save time by automatically identifying sows and removing them from the group, including open sows or sows ready to move to farrowing.
  • Automatically find and separate sows that don’t eat for early, efficient troubleshooting.

In the finishing barn

  • Automatically collect individual pig weights to improve feeding strategies.
  • Identify pigs at market weight and automatically remove them from the group without stress to people or pigs.

Put your team’s skills to great use by automating repetitious tasks. Focus on the animals that need your attention and the tasks that put your team’s animal care skills to great use. Find your solution

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