Automated Sow Heat Detection
Improve reproduction results and labor efficiency

Improve reproduction results and labor efficiency

Vigreen Automated Sow Heat Detection

Eliminate the time and expense of walking the boar in your group gestation pens with Vigreen Automated Heat Detection. This solution monitors sows around the clock for increasing interest in the boar, which can be an early sign of heat. Vigreen Automated Heat Detection is 99% accurate. It supports your return on investment and overall safety for people and pigs by minimizing lost production days, reducing labor, minimizing stress to people and pigs and ensuring an open sow never gets to farrowing.

The benefits of automated sow heat detection

  • Identifies open sows with 99% accuracy
  • Supports improved ROI because sows spend fewer days open
  • Finds open sows early – before they show signs of standing heat
  • Eliminates inconsistency of employees identifying signs of heat differently
  • Best when used with Vigreen Electronic Sow Feeding, but compatible with many feeding systems
  • Minimizes chance of open sows staying in the gestation group

Stop walking boars to find open sows. Get that time back and more with Vigreen Automated Sow Heat Detection.

How? Make the sows do the work.

Our group gestation pens are designed so each sow walks past the boar daily. If a sow stops to visit the boar, the length of time and how often she visits is automatically recorded. The software compiles this information to give the sow a score called the “Relative Heat Value.”

If the sow reaches the Relative Heat Value selected by you and your Vigreen team, the Vigreen Automated Sow Heat Detection paint marks the sow and sends you an alert notifying you she is open.

If you use Vigreen Automatic Separation, the system will identify the sow the next time she comes through the feeder and automatically separate her from the large group into the holding pen.

It’s that simple.

Nedap Heat Detection

See Vigreen Automated Heat Detection in action

Dave Denys: “Now we know exactly how much each sow is eating.”

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