Cow data management
Turning data into insights and integrate it with your farm

Do you have systems to manage your cow data in an efficient way?

Challenge: the right information for the right team member at the right time

On a dairy farm, there is certainly no shortage of data. Key performance indicators for milk production, reproduction and herd health have come to form an indispensable part of modern-day livestock farming and with the advent of sensors, the flow of data has expanded still further. Sometimes dairy farmers receive an overload of cow data, without the irrelevant information filtered out.

If you have data accessible on your farm, how are you using it? Are you able to keep it all organized and effectively view trends? Your dairy farm partners such as nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders rely on accurate and actionable insights to make well-informed suggestions to keep your cows productive. The challenge on the modern dairy farm is to have an efficient way to manage data in an easy-to-understand, organized fashion to save time and understand the health, reproductive and nutritional status of their cows.

If you use or consider a cow monitoring system, be sure to check out if it automatically turns data into relevant actions, to do lists and management insights for you and your employees. And if it delivers the right information to the right team member at the right time.

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Integrate and connect

Challenge: Integrating data with your current and future on-farm automation applications and dairy management software

Today’s dairy farms use more and more systems that generate data.  The data from those systems can enhance other automation solutions and cattle management software and systems. Information from sensors, for instance, can be used to automatically separate individual cows or feed them according to their individual needs.

Different systems can also cause bottlenecks, when, for for example, they can not be integrated or when users have to enter calendar data multiple times in multiple systems.

In an ideal world, all dairy herd management systems would integrate with and connect to each other as smartly as possible.

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The solutions to face these challenges: The Vigreen Dairy Management system integrates easily with automation solution and connects to management systems through taurus-connections and API’s.

  1. Nedap CowControl
  2. Nedap MilkingControl
  3. Feeding

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