High production and milk yield
Detect problems before they damage your milk yield and bottom line.

Detect mastitis sooner

Challenge: Detecting and treating mastitis in cows before it’s a problem

Farms take proactive steps to prevent mastitis in cows and train employees to detect mastitis, but sometimes it isn’t soon enough. Identifying conductivity errors in milk can help you detect and correct potential mastitis issues in your herd so you and your employees can focus on other areas of the farm that need your attention.

Why do milk conductivity changes matter?

Milk with mastitis has a higher electrical conductivity than normal milk. This is due to tissue damage and an increase in the milk’s sodium and chloride ions. Does your dairy have a system in place to help identify milk conductivity changes so you can detect and treat subclinical mastitis before it bruises your bottom line?

Detect mastitis sooner

Nedap COWcontrol - Smarttag Neck

Prevent component changes

Challenge: Identifying variation in cow milk yield and components to prevent health challenges

Nutrition can influence the fat concentration and milk protein concentration of milk as well as cause metabolic issues in cows. Metabolic disorders are especially a problem for fresh cows and can be signs of health problems. By measuring cow milk yield and components to identify potential management improvements, you can save time and money on your farm.

Are you making ration changes soon enough to keep your cows healthy, avoid milk loss and prevent component changes?

Prevent component changes

Feeding dairy cows for maximum milk production

Every cow in the barn or on the field has her own individual needs and production. Milk production can be very positively influenced by feeding concentrates. Being able to feed the right concentrates at the right time in the right portion size, means being able to maximize milk production.

Maximize your milk production


The solutions to face these production challenges: Vigreen Milk Yield Recording for accurate milk production data and conductivity measuring. Vigreen Electronic Concentrate Feeding to achieve the optimum energy balance. Vigreen COWcontrol with Health Monitoring to get nutritional insights.

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  2. Feeding
  3. Health Monitoring

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